Battling Biofilm

You may not have heard the term “biofilm,” but you’ve been familiar with it your entire life. Before we discuss why battling biofilm is important, a general understanding of what it is …

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OMEZA Launches second otc Product

Sarasota, FL – 11 09 2020 – Omeza is launching Omeza® Lidocaine Oil, an over the counter (OTC) external analgesic. The product is indicated for temporary relief from pain and itching from …

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Surgical Site Infections

Despite every precautionary measure available to avoid complications from surgery, there are no guarantees when it comes to outcomes. No matter how straightforward the surgical procedure to be performed, there are always …

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The Color of Healthy Wound Healing

When an injury where a break in the skin occurs and a fresh wound is the result, certain physiological steps typically occur that move the wound to complete healing. Wounds certainly aren’t …

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Omeza Hires Director of Research and Development

Dr. Venus Dookwah-Roberts joined Omeza as Director of Research and Development.  Her responsibilities are planning, organizing, coordinating, and overseeing all activities related to extension of the current Omeza product platform, including creation of new products, integration of new raw materials, and all related testing and analytics.  She oversees the internal R&D testing and laboratory and manages the pipeline created by the Chief Innovations Officer.