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If you are a patient or caregiver, please go to this page to get information you can share with your doctor.

OCM™ is available for VA, IHS, and DOD physicians through Marathon Medical.

No, you do not need special equipment, refrigeration, or mixing before application.

Duration of treatment and reapplication frequency is determined by the physician and will depend on the condition of the patient as well as the wound exudate. Typically we see once a week application.

Cover with a non-adhesive dressing to maintain matrix adherence and protect the wound area.  The optimum dressing is determined by the wound location, size, depth, and volume of exudate.

No. As hypersensitivity and allergic reactions vary in severity among individuals, discretion of both the provider and patient is recommended. 

Yes. There are no contraindications when using Omeza with NPWT. It would be advantageous to allow for adequate absorption of OCM™, prior to applying the Negative Pressure dressing. Allowing at least 30 minutes for OCM™ to be absorbed would be a recommended minimum time frame. Additionally, the oils in the skin protectant may create conditions that lessen the ability of the Negative Pressure dressing to adhere properly and could potentially reduce the effectiveness of the dressing to maintain a seal. 

Yes. HBOT is not a contraindication for use with OCM™. Since OCM™ is recommended for once weekly application, our suggestion is that the products be applied at the conclusion of the last HBO treatment each week. Typically, patients undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatments are restricted from wearing various topical skin lotions, gels, perfumes, and hair treatments (alcohol and petroleum containing products). Although OCM™ not contain alcohol or petroleum derivatives, applying after the last HBO treatment each week will optimize the absorption of OCM™ by the body. 

Any OCM™ device that has been damaged should not be used. 

Yes. Many patients have multiple wounds. Using the same vial on multiple wounds on the same patient during the same visit is permissible. After use on patient dispose. Do not keep the vial for use over multiple visits. 

No. This is not allowable for a variety of health and safety reasons. Additionally, it is not acceptable to use one patient’s supplies or medications to treat another patient.