Listen in as OMEZA’s CEO, Cynthia Flowers, discusses the Omeza Complete Matrix (OCM) as the first drug-device combination that reduces biofilm and treats all phases of wound healing.



Omeza® is a skin health company based in Sarasota, FL USA. Our mission is to restore skin integrity for people with serious skin problems and to optimize skin quality for all.

Unmet Patient Need

Omeza end-users are people who have or are at risk for developing chronic wounds due to aging — exacerbated by comorbidities including diabetes, obesity, chronic venous insufficiency, peripheral artery disease and autoimmune disease. Current standard care is ineffective, with wound closure hindered by biofilm, excessive debridement, and inadequate provider training that results in stalled wounds and expensive, often ineffective advanced wound care treatments. These wounds frequently result in costly hospital admissions and amputations.


OCM™ is a first of it’s kind, HCP administered, drug-device combination product that provides comprehensive therapy for all phases of wound healing; reduces biofilm formation, reduce inflammation, increase proliferation and support remodeling.  OCM™ is delivered in single use, disposable vials.