About Omeza® Collagen Matrix Rx

510(k) clearance received

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared Omeza® Collagen Matrix through the FDA 510(k) premarket notification process. Omeza® Collagen Matrix is Omeza’s first Rx product, and the first drug/device combination matrix of its kind for chronic wound care.

CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) coding:

Omeza® Collagen Matrix CMS code: A2014 Omeza collag per 100 mg; Omeza collagen matrix, per 100 mg. Carrier priced for both outpatient and office settings.

Now listed on the Federal Supply Schedule through Marathon Medical.

Omeza® Collagen Matrix Rx is available through Marathon Medical, a prime vendor on the Veterans Affairs Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Service.

The FSS Contract Number for Marathon Medical is 36F79718D0321.

About Omeza Lidocaine Lavage and Omeza Skin Protectant

Omeza Lidocaine Lavage and Omeza Skin Protectant are OTC products which when used together with Omeza® Collagen Matrix Rx support all stages of wound care.

Omeza® Lidocaine Lavage: Over-the-counter drug pricing

Omeza® Skin Protectant: Over-the-counter drug pricing

The treatments are developed and manufactured in Sarasota, FL.