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Over the years I have tried many products recommended by friends and skin doctors, without any notable success. I started out putting Omeza on areas where for years I have looked like the walking wounded… both of the treated areas are dramatically better.

I have had eyelids that have itched for years. I have tried OTC ointments, even prescription antibiotics . By applying this nightly within three days I had relief . Just applied a small amount with a Q tip. Glad to hear that it helps with poison ivy. I have a bad habit of getting In to that!!

I have been surfing since I was 13 years old, im 68 years old now. It is one of the great joys in my life. I have arthritis in my lower back and a pinched sciatic nerve which causes me great distress and limits my mobility. I use the lidocaine gel whenever I get in the water. The relief I get is incredible. Thank you for this fantastic product...G

I bought this product to help my senior parents who's skin doesn't heal well after everyday bumps and cuts. Since I had it on hand, I used it for a rough scaly patch on my face that wouldn't heal for weeks and with only 2 applications at night before bed, it was gone.

I sprayed it on a patch of ant bites I had that would not heal and kept itching me so badly. I usually scar from them. Not after I used this on them though.

I recently had something removed on my nose. They had to make a bigger cut than originally anticipated and I had 7 stitches down the side of my nose. I was really worried it was going to scar. I was able to use the lidocaine daily to help ensure my skin repaired itself. I am super happy, and so is my nurse! :). Love the product!

omeza omega 3 skincare


EFAs are essential building blocks for skin, yet your body does not supply them. We provide topical omegas to support healthier, happier skin.

omeza omega 3 skincare


Water is a filler in most skin care products. Ours are anhydrous (no water), leaving more room for the ingredients that matter most to improving skin.

omeza omega 3 skincare


It is well known that alcohol is drying to the skin, yet still used widely in skin care products. We are believers that they don't have a place in skincare.

Omeza® Lidocaine


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The Omeza name was derived from a combination of the words omega3 and amazing.