Paul Saatsoglou

Paul Saatsoglou serves as a consultant/advisor in business analytics for Omeza. With more than 30 years of experience across four U.S.-based multinational companies and two internationally based companies, he has a successful track record of achieving record launch performance of new oncology products in both hematologic and solid tumors, leading strategy & operations functions, and creating innovative co-promotion partnerships and M&A structures.

Throughout his career, Mr. Saatsoglou has held VP roles at Ipsen-US, Onyx (acquired by Amgen) and BMS, as well as senior executive roles at Eisai US, Janssen and Pfizer. Among his accomplishments, Mr. Saatsoglou achieved record launch performance with the introduction to market of KYPROLIS in refractory ML by Onyx Pharmaceuticals in 2012 and with the launch of SOMATULINE in NET by Ipsen-US in 2015. Earlier launch products have included Halaven, Plavix, Tequin, Risperdal and Duragesic, among others.

In the operational realm, Mr. Saatsoglou has created commercial support infrastructures for Janssen, Eisai, and Ipsen-US that delivered best-in-class and cost-efficient commercial capabilities by combining full-time and contract resources, business analytics reporting, data, and systems. He helped achieved record growth and exceeded bottom-line, break-even, and profitability targets at both Janssen and Ipsen-US.

On the M&A front, Mr. Saatsoglou has evaluated and managed two major co-promotion deals, one with Pfizer for Aricept and one with Johnson & Johnson for Aciphex in a very competitive market against Nexium. He also served as the strategy and analytics lead on the MGI acquisition by Eisai in 2006, a $3.9 billion acquisition; and on the Merrimack / Onivyde acquisition by Ipsen in 2017, valued at near $1 billion including future indications.

Mr. Saatsoglou is a Fulbright scholar and a magna cum laude graduate from Franklin and Marshall College with a degree in Physics. He holds a Master of Science degree in Statistics & Operations Research from the Wharton School- University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Saatsoglou is currently an Adjunct Professor of Analytics at the Villanova School of Business.