Omeza® Collagen Matrix Now Available to VA Patients through Marathon Medical Federal Supply Schedule

The Department of Veterans Affairs Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Service has granted contract status for Omeza® Collagen Matrix, paving the way for its use by VA hospitals and clinics, and other federal government agencies.

“Now that we have been added to Marathon’s FSS contract, the VAs have the opportunity to purchase Omeza through Marathon Medical, a prime vendor for the VA. Our team is excited to make available the Omeza product line to help our veterans heal their chronic wounds and improve their overall quality of life., “stated Jim McSweeney, Director of Sales East.

Key account representatives have already been in contact with sites in their territories, introducing Omeza products and making their efficacy known to providers.

Omeza® Collagen Matrix is a wound care matrix comprised of hydrolyzed fish collagen infused with cod liver oil, which acts as an anhydrous skin protectant, and is naturally incorporated into the wound over time. Designed for intimate contact with both regular and irregular wound beds,  the matrix provides a conducive environment for the patient’s natural wound healing process. Omeza® Collagen Matrix comes in single-use vials for off-the-shelf use, with no mixing required, making a simple workflow that can be applied by almost anyone anywhere. 

Omeza treatments are a performance-based product line designed to tackle a full spectrum of wound types. While Omeza® Collagen Matrix is a drug-device requiring a prescription, companion products Omeza® Lidocaine Lavage and Omeza® Skin Protectant do not require a prescription. All will be available through Marathon Medical.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs website, “the VA FSS Service supports the healthcare requirements of the VA and other federal government agencies by providing Federal customers with access to over 1 million state-of-the-art commercial products and services.”

About Marathon Medical:

Marathon Medical was founded in 2002 by Vietnam-era veteran, John St. Leger. Based in Aurora, CO, the company distributes medical supplies nationally, utilizing EDI to streamline its ordering process. Marathon Medical partners with manufacturers recommended by VA physicians and purchasing clients, and has established a Tampa, FL distribution facility to increase its coverage of the Southeast.