Omeza Appoints Chief Scientific Officer

Omeza selected Suzanne Bakewell, Ph.D. as Vice President of Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer for Omeza. An accomplished principal scientist and leader with expertise in early-stage drug and medical device development, cancer biology, and nanotechnology, she leads research and development and clinical trials development for Omeza. She is also responsible for regulatory affairs and intellectual property rights for Omeza’s line of products.

Founder and CEO Tom Gardner said, “The addition of Dr. Bakewell completes our Omeza senior leadership team, and we expect her extensive experience in skin physiology and her deep understanding of the skin bio universe will strengthen and extend the use of our anhydrous, omega-rich platform technology over time.  At Omeza, we believe every-body deserves intact, fully functioning skin.”

Prior to joining Omeza, Suzanne was responsible for leading early-stage drug development and designing translational studies for clinical trials in both industry and academia. Trained as a physiologist, her doctoral research at Washington University focused on cancer metastasis to bone and the tumor microenvironment. As a Susan G. Komen Fellow in the Dr. Lewis Chodosh lab at the University of Pennsylvania, Suzanne studied cancer cell dormancy and disease recurrence.

Suzanne’s industry experience as a principal investigator includes nanotechnology, drug delivery platforms and chemoresistance. As the Vice President of Preclinical Development at Intezyne Technologies, Suzanne was instrumental in taking IND drugs from synthesis into Phase I clinical trials.

Suzanne also has a graduate certificate in Environmental Health and is a volunteer U.N. Reports and Grants writer to support NGOs in developing nations.