Omeza Announces New Tranche of Funding and Upcoming Q3 Clinical Activities

SARASOTA, Fla., Sept. 27, 2023 — Omeza, a regenerative skincare company that develops marine-based therapies for the treatment of chronic wounds, today announced that it has completed a $6.5 million offering and issuance of Series Seed Preferred Stock. The proceeds of this equity financing will be utilized to support operational activities, including Omeza’s three ongoing clinical trials evaluating the ability of Omeza combination therapy to initiate the wound healing process in refractory diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, and multiple other etiologies.

“We have previously demonstrated the ability of Omeza combination therapy to heal advanced wounds that have failed to respond to other therapeutic interventions, and we are now conducting interventional clinical trials in a real-world setting to definitively show that our combination therapy triggers healing in chronic wounds and ulcers of multiple etiologies that have failed therapy for 3 months prior to trial enrollment,” said Cynthia Flowers, Chief Executive Officer at Omeza.

In addition to evaluating the healing properties of Omeza combination therapy, the trials will assess secondary endpoints during treatment, including patients’ quality of life; pain perception at baseline and as treatment progresses; increases in physical function; and enhanced daily living activities.

“The impact of chronic wounds is far more than physical; they exact an enormous toll on a person’s emotional well-being, psychosocial functioning, financial independence, and other parameters that are incredibly important to the individual’s ability to conduct routine activities,” said Suzanne Bakewell, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Omeza. “Our novel, first-in-class platform harnesses each individual’s innate physiologic capabilities to instigate the wound-healing process and potentially remediate many of these burdensome effects on daily living.”

Additional fourth quarter activities and milestones include:

  • A poster presentation describing two case studies that demonstrate complete and rapid healing of diabetic foot ulcers using Omeza® Collagen Matrix, Omeza® Lidocaine Lavage, and Omeza® Skin Protectant. Data will be presented at the Diabetic Foot Conference, hosted by the American Limb Preservation Society, Sept. 28 – 30.
  • The analysis of interim data analysis from the first 40 of 100 patients enrolled in the interventional randomized clinical trial evaluating Omeza combination therapy together with standard of care across multiple wound types and ulcers.
  • A poster presentation on a series of healed diabetic foot ulcer case studies at the Desert Foot Conference Dec. 6 – 9.
  • Presentation of new in vivo and in vitro data at the Innovations in Wound Healing meeting, Dec. 7 – 10, showing significant antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity with Omeza® Collagen Matrix treatment.



Omeza® is a regenerative skincare company that develops therapies for the treatment of wounds.

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