SARASOTA, Fla., May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/– Omeza®, a regenerative skincare company that develops marine-based therapies for wounds that are hard to treat, today announced a submission of an evaluation of OCM™ Wound Matrix to a wound care journal under the peer review process. The 3-case series included wounds (2 being Medicare recipients), which were considered non-healing after more than 3 months treatment of standard care. The prior standard of care included debridement, offloading, compression bandages, alginates, collagen, gelling hydrofibers and foam dressings.

All patients were treated with OCM™, a drug/device containing cold water fish peptides and other pharmaceutical-grade components that create an absorbable matrix which conforms to the wound bed and supports the synthesis of new tissue. Patients were seen weekly for wound evaluation and dressing changes. Wound measurement and fluorescence imaging were conducted during visits with a fluorescence imaging device (Moleculight i:X, Moleculight Inc., Toronto CA).

Previous Medicare reports have confirmed that hard to heal wounds have an estimated annual Medicare spend of $28.l to $96.8 Billion. The longer a wound remains unhealed, the more costs accumulate as does the risk for downstream complications (e.g. infection, amputation).

In the case series, the mean area percent of reduction was 82% upon completion, with 2 complete closures out of 3 cases. Complete tissue negative fluorescence was achieved in the wound bed within 4weeks.

The results of this case series also support in-vivo data from the University of Miami, which demonstrated significant antimicrobial decrease over controls in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and MRSA infected wounds. These results are being presented at the SAWC Conference in Orlando, Florida from May 14th-18th, 2024.

Dr. Desmond Bell, Chief Medical Officer for Omeza states, “The results from this case series and the University of Miami antimicrobial studies adds to the growing evidence that supports the effectiveness of OCM™ as a uniquely important modality for the management of wounds, especially when addressing the presence of significant bacterial burden that may contribute to non-healing. OCM™ has not only demonstrated the ability to reduce harmful bacteria, but unlike antibiotics and topical chemicals, there is no risk of bacterial resistance associated with the components of OCM™ , and no risk of cytotoxicity to newly developing cells needed for healing.”

Studies to further evaluate the performance of OCM™ in patients with venous leg ulcers (VLUs) and in multiple wound types have been completed, and are being prepared for submission to peer review journals. Patient recruitment for a randomized clinical trial in Venous leg ulcers will commence Q4 2024.

About Omeza®

Omeza® is a commercial-stage regenerative skin and wound-care company that develops marine-based products comprising containing cold water fish peptides and other pharmaceutical-grade components designed to reduce inflammation, increase tissue proliferation, and support skin remodeling in adults with a range of hard to treat, non-healing wounds. Founded in 2014, the company currently markets OCM™ for the treatment of non-healing wounds. OCM™ is also being evaluated in real-world settings and in multiple clinical trials to compare the effects of OCM™ versus standard of care on wound healing, pain reduction, quality of life, and other secondary endpoints in patients with diabetic ulcers, chronic venous leg ulcers, and multiple other wound types. The company is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, and has manufacturing, facilities located in Florida.

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