Undermined Wounds

Undermined wounds may not heal with standard treatment

Undermining is caused by erosion under the wound edges, resulting in a small opening with a much larger damaged area under the surface. Undermining generally includes a wider area of tissue than tunneling. Undermining can happen when the wound remains inflamed too long, has been infected or subjected to pressure.

Both tunneling and undermining are serious conditions. They appear small when observed from the skin’s surface. But these wounds are much bigger than we see from the outside. Your doctor will probe underneath the wound to determine the area of undermining. This type of wound must be monitored until it has completely healed.

Treatment for undermined wounds

First the area will be thoroughly cleaned, and any dead tissue will be removed. Depending on the causes of the underminining, your doctor may prescribe medications, drain the wound, and then pack and dress the wound. Surgery may remove cysts, damaged tissue or expose the tunnels. Sometimes an undermined wound fails to heal with standard treatment. 

Omeza® Collagen Matrix is indicated for the management of wounds including undermined wounds.

Omeza® treatments address the key components required for effective wound care, including periwound care, inhibiting growth of biofilm and in-wound bioburden, inflammation and topical pain management.

Our FDA 510(K) clearance required safety data for Omeza® Collagen Matrix which reported no adverse events, safe with no potential for irritation and sensitization, and safe for use on damaged skin.