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Omeza Omega-3 Oil Spray



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Omeza® Omega-3 Oil Spray is the first full spectrum omega fatty acid oil spray designed to reduce inflammation, provide essential topical nutrition, help strengthen skin, and moisturize and exfoliate dead and drying skin.  Developed with doctors, Omeza Omega-3 Oil renews the skin, maximizes moisture, and leaves glowing, even, silky-smooth finish.


Clinically proven formula provides instant and long-lasting relief for severely dry and cracked skin.

Features and Benefits
  • Proven to result in visibly healthier skin
  • Helps to reduce skin inflammation
  • Lightweight body oil for dry skin
  • Fast absorbing oil
  • Innovative skin repair
  • All natural moisturizer

Omeza oils (cod liver, palm, hemp), capric/caprylic triglyceride, cetyl esters NF, monolaurin, caprylic fatty acid, lemon oil, lavender oil