Omeza Lidocaine Lavage is the first full spectrum omega fatty acid anhydrous lidocaine lavage. It is an external analgesic formulated with Omeza omega-3 oil, designed to deliver fast-acting pain and itch relief, and provide essential topical nutrition.

This formulation is designed to help remove exudate, debris, and bioburden from the wound, as well as mechanically loosen biofilm attachments.


Topical pain management

Helps to eliminate or reduce pain and itch without excess moisture


Gently irrigates and protects the wound surface while helping to remove bioburden

Helps to remove Bioburden

Anhydrous Omeza oil acts as a surfactant to wash the wound bed without adding water

What are the key ingredients in Omeza Lidocaine Lavage?

We’ve created a nutrient-rich topical healing environment to support advanced skin protection and restoration.


Active ingredient for gentle pain relief

Vitamin A

Encourages healthy skin production

Vitamin D

Contributes to skin cell growth and repair


Reduces inflammation and calms skin


Supports skin’s barrier function


Helps create nourishing balance

From Study 1:

Reduction in bioburden: Omeza Lidocaine Lavage vs. saline

From study 2:

Re-revealing underlying tissue: Omeza Lidocaine Lavage vs. saline-moistened gauze

1 Study performed by soojung seo, Ph.D., Sunyoung Jeong, M.S., Daniel J. Gibson, Ph.D, Institute for Wound Research, University of Florida. "A pilot study of the antibacterial activity of topical fatty acids," published April 2019

2 Laboratory testing performed by Dr. Daniel Gibson, University of Florida. Reports available, published July 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Omeza Lidocaine Lavage?

Omeza Lidocaine Lavage is a topical anhydrous analgesic designed to irrigate and remove exudate and infecting materials from the wound, while gently numbing pain and irritation.

How does Omeza Lidocaine Lavage help wound debridement?

Omeza Lidocaine Lavage prepares the wound bed for sharp debridement by helping to remove bioburden while gently numbing tissue.

Why use Omeza Lidocaine Lavage instead of saline?

Omeza Lidocaine Lavage acts as a surfactant (surface-active agent) to help wash the wound bed instead of merely rinsing it.