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  • "I recently moved to the desert... my skin went into shock. Omeza Omega 3 Oil has returned the moisture, my skin has never been better and continues to thrive. I've also used it on my feet noticing it softens calluses . I use this oil on my face to remove make-up and to replenish areas the Dermatologist has removed . I am a huge fan and believer in this product. I have only used it consistently for a couple weeks and it is beginning to repair sun damaged skin LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!" - Amazon Customer


  • "Used it on my aunt who is in a care facility and had issues with bedsores from being in one place. The staff was impressed too. Thank you!" - Amazon Customer


  • "I am writing this review on behalf of my father- a retired physician. He used this product for treatment of post-radiation ulceration with areas of superficial necrosis on the arch of his foot. Prior to use of this product, he suffered from pain and itchiness around the necrosis. This medication stopped the pain and itching to the point that he was able to discontinue other pain medications. The positive results started swiftly, within 24 hours of first use. In addition, use of the product also resulted in softer skin around the necrosis and adjacent area. He is extremely pleased and grateful for this product." - Amazon Customer