Business Observer - 40 Under 40 Class of 2019
Business Observer - October 17, 2019

Sarah Kitlowski is employee No. 1 at Omeza, a Sarasota-based startup focused on creating skin care and wound management products.

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Medical technology company maxes out second capital round
Business Observer - August 4, 2019

Omeza founder and CEO Tom Gardner says the level of interest exceeded the agreed-upon investment limits of the round as set by the board.

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Omeza Expands With New Hires
Sarasota Magazine - July 25, 2019

Sarasota-based Omeza, a med-tech and consumer healthcare products company, has hired and promoted three new employees.

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Omeza Aims to Disrupt the Wound Care Industry
SRQ Magazine - June 25, 2019

Having recently moved to a new office space in Downtown Sarasota, the skin nutrition and life sciences company Omeza aims to meet an “unmet market need” with affordable regenerative skin care products, which provide topical healing agents for chronic wound management.

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Omeza Relocates to Historic Sarasota School of Architecture Building
Sarasota Magazine - June 3, 2019

The building was designed in 1957 by architect Victor Lundy; using sharply angled, exposed trusses, he maximized window exposure to street traffic for commercial benefit.

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Health care company names chief medical officer
Business Observer - May 9, 2019

Medical technology and consumer health care products company Omeza appointed Dr. Desmond Bell as chief medical officer.

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Omeza Announces Board of Managers
SRQ Magazine - April 25, 2019

Sarasota-based Omeza closed on its most recent funding round on March 28, exceeding its $5MM goal by $0.75MM and attracting its board members in the process.

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Product by area company now available at pharmacies
Business Observer - February 22, 2019

The product, previously sold only on Amazon, is now available at Sarasota Apothecary and GulfCare Pharmacy.

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Omeza Launches First of Leading-Edge Skincare Products
SRQ Magazine - January 16, 2019

Sarasota-based startup Omeza, a company specializing in skin care and wound management products from the sea, is bringing its cutting-edge products to market this year, beginning with it’s core formulation, Omeza omega-3 oil spray, now shipping to consumer.

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