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Outdoorsman Reports Relief from Foot Fungus Using Omeza Omega-3 Oil Regimen

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Outdoorsman Reports Relief from Foot Fungus Using Omeza Omega-3 Oil Regimen

Sometimes the simplest things in life create tremendous pleasure: time spent with loved ones. A day at the beach, or a hike along a beautiful mountain trail. Patient D, an avid outdoorsman, enjoyed numerous outdoor activities, but an unpleasant skin condition began to cramp his style.

He developed problems with his toenails about ten years ago, his nails becoming yellow and brittle.  After a few years he saw a podiatrist and was diagnosed with a foot fungus. Then about four years ago he began having issues with the skin around his nails and the rest of his foot. The skin became red, cracked and peeling, and although not painful, it was irritating, uncomfortable and made him very self-conscious.

An avid skier and hiker, his toes take a beating from the downward pressure. The patient believes that contributed to him developing the fungus. He also spent time in the deserts of the middle East, living and working with the military and wearing boots 24/7 in the hot, humid climate.

He tried every cream and lotion he could find to no avail. Oral medications prescribed relieved the symptoms for a while, but then the fungus returned.  Another course of oral medication was prescribed, requiring a blood test to determine liver function.  The patient decided then that the potential side effects were not worth it.

At that point, he felt hopeless.  Everything he did, from kayaking to travel, to sports, his feet were affected.  A Florida resident, he eventually stopped wearing flip flops.

Upon a recommendation from a friend, Patient D began using Omeza Omega-3 Oil Spray on his feet on October 10, 2019.  He applied the spray every night and then covered his feet in socks. Although the appearance of his feet did not change immediately, he soon felt relief from the irritation.

His wife was astonished that he took on the nightly routine eagerly.

One month later, his skin felt better and had visibly improved.  There was no change in the appearance of the toenails after one month.

He continued the treatment, applying the oil four nights a week and covering with socks. 

As of January 2020, the patient’s feet were no longer red and peeling, and in photos taken by his wife, they appear healthy and normal.  His toenails were beginning to show improvement, he reported, with a healthier pink regrowth vs. the yellow and brittle growth of the past.

He is wearing flip flops for the first time in seven years.


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