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Imaging Confirms Omega-3 Oil Increases Perfusion

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Imaging Confirms Omega-3 Oil Increases Perfusion

Thermographic imaging shows Omeza Omega-3 Oil supports increased microcapillary blood flow several minutes after application.

CMO Des Bell, DPM and a team of Omeza employees recently conducted an imaging experiment at a local podiatrist practice. Using Modulims Clarifi® Imaging System, now in use at the Sarasota Foot Care Center, a series of thermographic images was captured before and after application of the topical omega-3 oil.

The product was applied to the lower leg of healthy individuals. As oils were absorbed into the skin, the images showed increased yellow areas indicating warming due to increased blood flow in the skin.

Chip Bettle, our Chief Innovations Officer and inventor of the product formulations, theorizes that the active ingredients in Omeza products increase perfusion in skin and wounds, saying” This test was our first thermographic endeavor to validate the theory.”

profusion thermographic imaging omega-3

Dr. Bell observed the increased perfusion occurring as expected, with the maximum effect peaking and then tapering off at 20 minutes.

Also observed were increases in hemoglobin levels in deeper tissues of the leg.

Enhanced perfusion in the skin or a chronic wound is important for reparative steps to occur.  In a healthy patient, a cut or wound causes bleeding which in turn triggers a physiological cascade of events, including delivery of increased oxygen, growth factors and cells involved in tissue repair and fighting infection.

PAD (peripheral arterial disease) patients commonly have significant decreased perfusion to skin and deep structures in their lower extremities.   Ineffective perfusion delays or prevents the wound healing process, resulting in chronic wounds and other conditions like neurological impairment and pain.

The promising results Bell and Bettle have achieved during the development of the Omega3-Oil have now begun to be validated through the imaging.  The next experiment will use volunteers from the Omeza target population: individuals with diabetes, PAD, and the elderly who may have vulnerable or fragile skin.

Dr. Bell observes: “We are excited to be able to visually confirm that the Omega-3 Oil supports increased micro-capillary blood flow. This confirms that we can kick-start and enhance the healing process.”

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