Sarasota independent pharmacies stock omega-3 oil spray

Sarasota independent pharmacies stock omega-3 oil spray

Omeza’s recently launched core formulation, Omeza™ omega-3 oil spray, is now stocked in two leading independent pharmacies in the Sarasota area.

The product, previously sold only on Amazon, has received substantial interest from patients who need more guidance with the product. 

States Omeza COO Sarah Kitlowski, “We know that some customers want to talk directly with pharmacy staff, place a phone order and have their Omeza products shipped to their house. However, other customers want to be able to drive to the pharmacy and pick it up on that day.”  The company is serving a population that may not want to order online and would appreciate a higher level of customer service.

Sarasota Apothecary, at 8620 S Tamiami Trail in Sarasota, and GulfCare Pharmacy, at 8340 Lakewood Ranch Blvd in Bradenton are locally owned and independently operated businesses serving essential niches such as compounding services and durable medical equipment.  Pharmacists work closely with physicians in the community to assist with product recommendations and improve patient outcomes.

States pharmacist Jillian Dano, Pharm.D, owner of Sarasota Apothecary, “We do thorough research on products we place in the pharmacy. We try to get in new products that we think are going to catch on. This product is different than anything out there, because of the omega-3 oils.  People are looking for the natural route.”  Dano continues, “If people like the product, they’ll come in and tell us about their experience.”

Both locations maintain an inventory of the Omega-3 Oil Spray on the shelves.  Pharmacists will have information to share with customers about use of Omeza’s products for their specific condition and enable consumers to receive a more personalized experience than ordering from Amazon.

The Sarasota Apothecary is located south of Sarasota, and GulfCare Pharmacy is north east, serving Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton.  GulfCare Pharmacy, in the Lakewood Ranch Medical Building 1, is co-located in the complex with wound care, vascular surgeons and an orthopedic center.

Omeza plans to hand-select similar high-quality independent pharmacies to serve additional geographic markets.