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Relief from Itchy Rash With Use of Omeza Omega-3 Oil Spray

Posted by Omeza Team on
Relief from Itchy Rash With Use of Omeza Omega-3 Oil Spray

D.M. lives in Bradenton.  A licensed Mental Health Counselor, she recently sold her counseling practice and was getting ready to retire and travel with her husband.

In October she developed a bad rash on her upper stomach.  About a 4” x 12” area, the rash was red, bumpy and very itchy.  Soon after she developed respiratory and other symptoms, and cancer was suspected. 

The cancer had metastasized throughout her system and although she never received confirmation, she suspects the rash was another symptom.

She started chemotherapy on December 13, and the rash got worse.  It itched, burned after a shower, and spread to her chest and upper back.  A dermatologist told her to change soaps, to no avail.

“I started using the Omeza Omega-3 Oil spray for the rash, and it settled it right down.  It was amazing.”  Nothing she had tried before helped the itching, but the Omeza oil calmed the itchiness instantly.

Once she finished chemotherapy, the rash stopped spreading.  With the use of the oil spray, she was able to clear up her skin with no remaining scars.

She’s used the spray for other problems, including a bad scrape on her shin which she claims was healing over within the same day.  “They named the product right,” she laughs. “Omezing.”

D.M. is doing well now, finishing up immunotherapy treatments and getting back good follow up results. When the COVID-19 panic subsides, she hopes to travel with her husband.