Omeza launches first of leading-edge product line-up

Omeza launches first of leading-edge product line-up

Omeza is bringing their cutting-edge products to market this year, beginning with their core formulation, Omeza™ omega-3 oil spray, now shipping to consumers.

Omeza™ omega-3 oil is the first full spectrum omega fatty acid oil spray designed to provide essential topical nutrition, help strengthen skin, and moisturize and exfoliate dead and drying skin. Developed with doctors, omega-3 oil is also the first anhydrous (without water) omega oil ever made. Its non-irritating formula curtails the need for re-application and is expected to be a boon to wound patients.

“Everyone knows the value of ingested omega-3 oils, but what about from the outside?” states Griscom (Chip) Bettle, Chief Innovations Officer at Omeza.  “There are two issues to solve: how do you drive these large anti-inflammatory fatty acids through the skin’s natural barrier layer and how do you prevent fish odors reaching the nose?  Using the formulation we’ve created, skin naturally hydrates, and new smooth skin replaces old dry skin.  The new, omega-rich skin is soft, supple and strong.”  Bettle, a renowned inventor and chemical engineer, has developed rapid absorption technology to solve the second issue.

Years in the making, the patented invention is a unique combination of specialty ingredients and proprietary processes.  Hemp oil is refined from a clean farm in Canada using premium extraction techniques, and the fish oil from the Alaska Bering sea is wild-caught, responsibly harvested and sealed to prevent oxidation. Other non-active ingredients, such as lavender extract, are similarly harvested.

Packaging Omeza products has been a key hurdle to bringing them to market.  Volatile natural ingredients and the necessity for comfortable and convenient application required months of experimentation.  Omeza’s spray product is finished and is available on Amazon.

Says Dr. Desmond Bell, Founder and President of Save A Leg, Save A Life Foundation, “Omeza is the intersection between the real world clinical wound care practice and the science of what chronic wounds need, to heal as efficiently and as painlessly as possible.  These products have provided my patients with technology that is well tolerated and efficacious.”

Dr. Bell is on staff at Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville, St. Vincent’s Southside and Specialty Hospitals of Jacksonville, and oversees an approved test program for Omeza products at the Wound Management program at Specialty Hospital.

Initial sales of Omeza™ Omega-3 Oil Spray will be through Amazon as well as directly to Wound Care Specialists like Dr. Bell.   Other products complementary to the Omeza protocol will be launched as the intellectual property rights are secured and optimal packaging is finalized.

Omeza founder Thomas Gardner is optimistic – not only about the future of his company, but the prospects for the millions of patients suffering with chronic wounds. Two years after Bettle, his former colleague at Tide brands, approached him with his patented technology, Gardner enthuses: “I believed then and even more so now that our anhydrous omega oil delivered topically will rewrite the rules in wound care in a way analogous to Tylenol rewriting the rules in analgesia when I helped launch that brand.  Said another way, we expect Omeza to join Tide and Tylenol as billion-dollar brands.”